Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh Yeah...

Since he was leaving town today to - among other things - deliver the Heroic Portrait I did for him, I suppose it's safe to mention that my mystery customer was David, my Realtor.
The requested Portrait was a gift for his brother-in-law, and can be seen below:

The woman in the Lois Lane role is David's sister, and she's wearing a pin with the initials of her children.
When David requested the addition of "Mark 9:23," I kind of puzzed over it, as, heathen that I am, it didn't initially occur to me that it was, as Shirley Manson from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles would put it with her distinctive brogue, "Froom the Bible."
Naturally I didn't actually draw the NASDAQ building in the background, otherwise I wouldn't have finished the picture anywhere near as quickly as I did.
After sending me the images to work from, David asked me if he needed to pay me first. I said no, and he responded, "You know where to find me, huh?"
I said, "Oh, yeah, because I'm just so intimidating."
(Note: David is a giant of a man. When you haven't seen him for a while you kind of forget just how enormous he is. When he stopped by on Wednesday, my internal response was, "Holy shit! I forogt how big he is!")
He responded, "I've read your blog; I don't want to be the target of that venom."
Anywhere, that's my second-ever Heroic Portraits sale, submitted for your whatever.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Looks great, Jon! Any feedback from the actual recipient?

Heimdall said...

Nothing so far.