Saturday, November 08, 2008

Lethargy...To The EXTREME!

Scott came over for Riff Trax night on Thursday, and before we got into the movie watching we headed over to a local restaurant to get something to eat, ending up being the jerks who come into a place ten minutes before it’s about to close.
Still, how were we supposed to know? Who expects a restaurant to close at 5:00?
Taking our food to go, we got back to my house where I heard an all-too familiar sound: a squirrel trying to escape from the trap it’s stumbled into.
I went up into the attic to retrieve trap and squirrel (which doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Moose and Squirrel”), then set it aside while we ate and started watching the movie before finally attending to the…unpleasantness.
The first movie for the night was Jurassic Park (featuring guest riffer “Weird” Al Yankovic). I had burned the DVD the other night, and then on the next day I saw that Jurassic Park author Michael Crichton had died. Some people would call that ironic, but that’s just because they don’t know what ironic means.
I will grant that it was an odd coincidence.
After Jurassic Park we watched Missile to the Moon, a movie made well before 1969 that’s just rife with all of the kinds of bizarre notions about traveling to our planet’s natural satellite that you would expect from that time period, with guest riffer Fred Willard, who was a riot.
Then we watched the Thursday night NBC comedy line-up (minus that show with Molly Shannon).
I didn’t do much yesterday beyond watching the episodes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report that had piled up on my DVR. I also watched the premiere of Law & Order, which I’d recorded on Wednesday.
More TV watching was in order, as I watched that show Numb3rs at 10. Though I like the show I had been ambivalent about watching it this season, as I didn’t want to devote another hour to TV. Then I thought, “What else am I going to do on a Friday night?”
For anyone who hasn’t seen it, the show centers around two brothers, one of whom is an FBI agent, with the other being a college professor and math genius. The math genius and his unrealistically hot genius girlfriend, who is also a professor, and one other professor consult with the FBI, using mathematical analyses and simulations to help solve crimes.
I think it should actually be called M3taphors, because the math geniuses are constantly using metaphors to explain their computations to the math-challenged FBI agents (and viewers).
Still, it’s an entertaining show, though I spend a good portion of it wondering what the hell is up with Rob Morrow’s mouth, as he tends to move it as little as possible when speaking. He looks rather a lot like he’s holding a big wad of chew in his bottom lip. I don’t remember him doing that on Northern Exposure, but then it’s been a while.
As for today I woke up – unwillingly – around 9:30 and got up because there was a bunch of stuff I intended to do this morning. It took me about two and a half hours to build up enough motivation to shower, dress, and head out into the world.
I hadn’t stopped at the comic shop this week because every day after work I just wanted to get home as soon as possible, and also because I hadn’t made my way all through the stack of two weeks’ worth of comics I’d picked up last week.
So that was the first order of business today. Well, actually the second, as I first stopped at the bank to deposit a check that I’d gotten from my mortgage company for an overage in my escrow account.
After that I stopped to get a haircut. Once again it wasn’t as short as I would have liked. I should probably either start being more vocal and descriptive about how I want it cut, or else stop going there entirely.
As for the latter solution, I’m not really inclined to stop going there because it’s (relatively) cheap and I very seldom have to wait.
And as for the former, well, I don’t really care that much, and there have been people who think it looks better a little longer. Not really having that much of an opinion about how I look myself, and only really caring about whether or not my hair is hanging down and rubbing against my forehead, or getting full of static and clinging to my forehead, I’m inclined to just go with the results I’ve been getting.
After all, it’s not like it’s going to be a haircut that suddenly makes all the difference. There’s not going to be some chick who looks at me and thinks, “Wow, that guy over there who’s mostly-unremarkable-but-unappealing-in-a-nerdy-creepy-sort-of-way has a great haircut! I should sleep with him!” or “That guy over there is mostly-unremarkable-but-unappealing-in-a-nerdy-creepy-sort-of-way, but I might still sleep with him…if he didn’t have such a dodgy haircut.”
The other thing about the place I go to get my hair cut is that I never know what kind of additional service they’re going to throw in randomly. Usually they’ll bust out some kind of massager and give me a – rather unpleasant, actually – neck and shoulder rub, as was the case today, sometimes including a scalp massage, and sometimes they’ll shave the back of my neck with a straight razor.
Today, in addition to the lousy massage, the girl trimmed my eyebrows, which was a new one on me. I will grant that they have gotten decidedly Kirby-esque of late, though.
After that I gassed up the car and headed over to Super Target to do some grocery shopping, then returned home where, after putting away the groceries, I ate lunch, sat around for a while doing nothing in particular, then considered either taking a nap or writing a blog post.
Guess which course of action I decided on.
I was awoken from my nap by a phone call. For some reason my cordless handsets frequently become unregistered from the base station, so until they’re power-cycled they won’t actually ring or be usable. That proved to be the case with the one on my nightstand, so I had to get up and answer the phone here in the office.
It was Stacy calling to invite me over for dinner tonight. The idea of not having to feed myself was tempting, but still feeling extremely groggy and listless, the idea of driving to and from Manassas seemed less so. Ultimately I gave in to my lethargy and demurred.
The start of what has now become a nasty headache that I woke up from my nap with didn’t help make me any more amenable to venturing out into the world either.
In any case, that pretty much brings you up to date on all things Jon.

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