Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I See A Reason Why Gunpowder Treason Should Ever Be Forgot

First of all, Happy Guy Fawkes Night, though I think that gunpowder, treason, and plot have largely been forgot.
Certainly I hope, given our current circumstances, they are things that won’t be remembered positively or fondly.
I know, I know; you’re all wondering what the hell I’m babbling about. Don’t worry: it really doesn’t matter. So don’t sweat it. Ignore me. Nothing to see here. Move along…
Scott had some family stuff to deal with, so Riff Trax night has been postponed until tomorrow, and as Pushing Daisies isn’t on, that gives me time to post an entry.
There’s one very obvious topic I could write about, but, as you should know by now, I don’t often write much about politics for, as I often say, many reasons.
One of those reasons is that they make me sad. There is an extent to which our politics and the process surrounding them are revelatory of our nature as human beings, and what is revealed is often depressing. We get to see how small, petty, spiteful, and, quite frankly, stupid we really are.
Actually, it often feels as though rather than being a simple revelation of these truths, they are actually a tribute, or a monument to the worse angels of our nature. We glorify in the spectacle of our own ignorance and stupidity. We positively wallow in it.
So, yeah. I don’t write much about politics.
I will say this much, though: Jon Stewart was right.
That’s often true, but in this instance I’m thinking of something in particular that he said last night, which is, to paraphrase, that the election of Barack Obama is a demonstration of us as Americans living up to our creed.
Regardless of what you think of him, whether you have concerns about his lack of experience, or you’ve chosen to believe the whispers and innuendo and outright lies, this historic election proves that we really are what we say we are, and that we have finally moved past giving simple lip-service to the idea that anyone can grow up to be the President, and that we really do live in a land of opportunity.
After all, if a racist secret Muslim radical terrorist Marxist Anti-Christ, or rather someone whom a depressingly vast number of people can willfully and stupidly choose to believe is all of these things, can do it, well, there’s hope for pretty much anyone, isn’t there?
There is a lot more I could say, but I won’t, for, again, many reasons.
Okay, back to the regular topics, such as…umm…and…uhh….well, you know. The usual crap.
Traffic sucked, something or other about comic books, my love life would need to buy a ladder to reach the level of pathetic joke, I’m tired, etc.
You know the drill.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Oddly enough, the end of your post reminded me of Stewie:

What are you looking at you - you infantile - stupid? That's right, damn you and such. You can - go burn in hell ::snore::

Heimdall said...

Well, prior to writing it, I had been saying "Damn you, ice cream - get into my mouth!"