Friday, October 31, 2008

In The Streets On Halloween The Spirits Will Arise

In honor of the day, I give you Halloween, as performed by the German band Helloween:

Yes, it's cheesy, and it's cheesy in a way that's only possible for a German metal band in the 80s.
Still, I have sort of a soft spot for Helloween. Despite some language barriers that can lead to some truly cheesetastic lyrics, overall I enjoy most of their songs. While in many ways their earnestness leads inexorably to cheesiness, I still kind of admire them for it, and it's clear that they do have a sense of humor about it all.
The song is from the album Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1, which, along with Part 2, serves as a sort of semi-concept album, in that there is a specific narrative woven into many (but not all) of the songs. The full version of Halloween is 13 minutes long, and contains a lot of elements of the narrative, which were edited out in order to cut the song down to a manageable length. The end result is...well, not so good as the full-length original.
Here's a special bonus Helloween video, Dr. Stein, from Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2:

In any case, Happy Halloween everyone. Have fun, be safe, and remember not to eat any unwrapped candy, and watch out for razor blades in those caramel apples.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

That was pretty 80stastic. I love how the singer kept going from his mic to his guitarists to either help them play or teach them how to headbang. It was like the poor guy had nothing else to do during the bridges and guitar solos.

The dude with the triangle tuxedo costume, could he be the one that was Iggy Pop's counterpart in the season finale of Venture Bros Season 2?