Monday, September 08, 2008

Three Point Plan

Three Point Plan For Getting Jon To Stab Himself In The Thumb:

Step 1: Get him to step in some kind of sticky, crusty candy (Just throw it anywhere on the ground; he's bound to step in it. He is Jon, after all.).

Step 2: Wait for him to notice (It'll happen eventually).

Step 3: Sit back and watch as he tries to scrape it off his shoe with his pocket knife and nature takes its course.


Merlin T Wizard said...

So how much of your thumb did you cut off?

Heimdall said...

None; I just poked a small hole in the side that only bled for a little while.

Merlin T Wizard said...

Well that seems hardly worth the bother the Universe went through. Watch out, it's probably lulling you into a false sense of security.

Heimdall said...

Well, I was going to point out that if you're not that much of a planner, there is a One Point version of the plan: Just wait; Jon's bound to stab himself somewhere along the line.