Sunday, September 07, 2008

Next Time, Stay Off The Horse

My brother-in-law Dean is a “get back on the horse that threw you” kind of guy, but in this case, the “horse” is a motorcycle, and it threw him once again.
A while back he got in a wreck when someone hit him. This time around he got in a wreck trying to avoid hitting a deer.
Except for a broken collarbone, he’s okay, but I hope you’ll all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery, and in hoping that he’ll reconsider the whole “get back on” thing.
The wind and rain finally let up sometime yesterday afternoon, so I did end up going to Scott and Stacy’s place for dinner and a movie. I can’t help but wish that they’d move someplace closer, though, so I wouldn’t have to haul this man’s ass down to Man Asses (Manassas) when I decide that I’m not going to be anti-social.
Of the various Riff Trax movies I’ve downloaded, Scott had stated that he didn’t want to watch Batman and Robin, having avoided seeing that horrible franchise-killing piece of dreck throughout the years.
Until last night, at least, as that’s what I made him suffer through. That’ll learn ’im to make a friendly gesture and invite me over!
(When I made the DVD, I titled it “Suck It!”)
Apart from getting the news about Dean, today was pretty uneventful. Did the laundry, gassed up the car (which I should have done while I was in Manassas last night, as it was thirty cents cheaper), and picked up some groceries.
Apparently The Universe decided – mistakenly – that my dislike for the greater mass of humanity was at a low ebb, and used my visit to Super Target today to bring the level up a bit.
Having to navigate the obstacle course of children running loose like drunken spider monkeys, old people who needed to stop and rest in the middle of the aisles with their carts turned sideways, and women parking their fully-laden carts in front of everything I needed to get to while they chatted away on their cell phones was all bad enough, but the last straw was the jackass in front of me in line, who decided that when he was done paying he would just take his things and go, leaving his cart behind.
He had to stop to get a bag of ice from the freezer against the wall on his way out, but didn’t seem to notice when I said, “Oh, for - ! “ and shoved his cart hurtling forward, causing it to rebound off the wall next to the freezer and nearly hit him.
At least the cashier noticed and was a little freaked out. Then again, I suppose that wasn’t really a good thing, though it did make her extremely apologetic when the credit card machine messed up and I had to run my card through it again.
Suffice to say that the drive home didn’t improve my mood at all.
In any case, my weekend of thwarted reclusiveness is drawing to a close, and so is this entry.
(And for the record, I actually did appreciate the invite from Scott and Stacy, as well as the Chinese food, but really, Scott needed to suffer through that hideous cinematic mess of shitty dialogue, hammy overacting, Scooby-Doo sound effects, and rubber nipples.)

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Merlin T Wizard said...

What Jon doesn't know is that Stacy had to thwart my attempt at gouging out my eyes after watching that travesty. No person should be subjected to such mind-destroying dreck.

I hope your brother-in-law gets well soon.