Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In Dreams

Last night I watched the Riff Trax edition of the movie Dark Water.
The movie itself was incredibly lame, consisting of long sequences of nothing in particular happening, then something happening, then some more nothing, and then being over. Most of the nothing was supposed to be spooky and atmospheric, I guess, but really it was just kind of depressing, and even when the something happened…meh.
I’m sure the original Japanese version presented scenes of nothing happening that were vastly superior.
The only potential the movie had to be interesting stemmed from the fact that Jennifer Connelly was in it, but given that it was PG-13, that meant that there was no chance of her doing anything really interesting.
(If that was too cryptic, I’m saying we never got to see her naked.)
Anyway, John C. Reilly was also in it, and this made possible the best riff of the Riff Trax commentary, when the riffer perfectly described Reilly as being “the love child of Gene Hackman and Elmer Fudd.”
Not much of interest going on today. Last night I recorded the premiere of The Sarah Connor Chronicles, then watched it while The Closer was recording, with the intention of watching The Closer at 10, then going to bed.
Instead I ended up saving The Closer for today and going to bed at 10.
In the course of the night I had an extremely vivid dream in which I met some chick. It was vivid and realistic enough – initially, at least – to have me convinced that it was actually happening, but eventually I started getting enough clues to figure out that it was just a dream. Mostly it was the fact that I was clumsy to an extent that goes beyond even my nearly infinite capacity for clumsiness in the waking world that tipped me off, though I suppose that the fact that I’d met someone who was actually interested in me should have been my first clue.
Whenever I have a dream in which the simple act of putting on my shoes seems to take hours, that’s usually a good indication I’m dreaming, as in real life it only takes me an hour, tops.
In any case, as I’m too lazy to come up with anything else to write about, or to write about any of the hundreds of things it’s occurred to me to blog about in the past, I’ll bring this entry to a close by mentioning that Scott and Stacy learned that they’re having a boy.

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