Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eight Years

I mentioned yesterday that there were two significant anniversaries coming up over the next two days.
The first one is today: I’ve been sober for eight years.
I was going to write a long entry on the subject, but really, what is there for me to say?
While the last eight years haven’t exactly been a constant struggle to resist temptation, I can’t honestly say that they’ve been easy either.
Still, I’ve made it, and I can’t foresee myself not continuing to do so, and while I don’t have a lot to say about it – or maybe I have too much to say about it – I couldn’t let the day pass without noting it.
I mention it not because of pride, but because of humility.
Eight years is a long time, but it’s only because of those eight years behind me that I have even more time ahead of me.
In any case, that’s all I’m going to say about it other than to thank the people – especially my parents – who have supported me along the way. Maybe I could have done it on my own, but I’m glad that I didn’t have to.
Okay, getting a little teary here, so I guess we’ll get back to your regularly scheduled Threshold, already in progress…
“…and then I said, ‘I’m Thor!’ And she said, ‘You’re thore? I’m tho thore I can hardly pith!’”
Much of my day at work yesterday was spent on a conference call. When attempting to rejoin after a break, I misdialed the number, and instead of hearing a recording of a cold, impersonal voice telling me to enter my conference code number and press pound, I heard a really, really friendly voice saying, “Hi honey, it’s Kylie! I’m so glad you called to talk to me and all of my hot, slutty friends!”
I can only hope that there have been other people who have similarly misdialed and called a phone sex line.
And for their sakes I hope they hung up as quickly as I did.
I told my boss about it today because a. it was funny and b. I want her to be aware of the fact that it was an accident should anyone monitoring the phone logs point it out to her.
The funny part was that when I rejoined the actual call, there was some guy whose phone wasn’t muted occasionally moaning and making “mmm” sounds, as if he’d dialed that other number. I’m thinking that maybe he was trying to call the phone sex line and misdialed and got the conference bridge instead, but, deciding that since life had given him lemons he would make lemons and make the best of it. After all, there was a woman talking at the time.
Sure, talking about telephone billing and provisioning systems isn’t exactly sexy to most people, but there’s a kink for just about everything, so maybe that’s what gets him hot. “Ooh, yeah, that’s it baby, work that provisioning system! Yeah, address that question about billing. Oh yeah, oh yeah, the FOC date is gonna come early!”
When I was talking to the boss today she mentioned that tomorrow, being the Friday before a long weekend, was going to be a short, light day and that if I wanted to I could just work from home.
Being the dedicated employee that I am, I of course refused the offer and will be up at 7 AM sharp, and will soon be fighting traffic and – are you nuts? Of course I’m going to work from home!
In any case, I suppose I should bring this entry to a close so that I can prepare for tomorrow’s exciting anniversary post.


Merlin T Wizard said...

Congrats on the eight year landmark, Jon! I know it hasn't always been easy for you, so it means all the much more.

BTW, the Thor line never fails to get a laugh out of me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have much to be proud of!