Sunday, July 20, 2008

Right Bat-Time, Wrong Bat-Theater

As Scott alluded to in the comments, there was a bit of a mix-up with the theater on Thursday which rendered my attempt at saving gas meaningless, and which qualifies as yet another "Peep" I heard out of The Universe that evening.

When I got to the theater - early, of course - I waited for Jamie and Scott and Stacy to arrive. Jamie was the first to get there, and while she was off using the rest room, I overheard the words "wrong theater" and "Idiots!" and saw a bunch of people leaving. So when Scott and Stacy arrived, I mentioned this, and Scott double-checked to find that, indeed, we had been directed to the wrong theater.
So we all jumped in our cars and hauled ass to the correct theater, informing everyone with an AOL badge we saw on the way to the parking garage of the change.
Fortunately we got there with time to spare and were able to get decent seats.
I saw a bunch of familiar faces, including my former boss, who'd never had the chance to talk to me after I got my pink slip (or rather, my black folder).
Apparently, I learned the next day, I was seen by a former AOLer who now works at the same company I do (I didn't know her at AOL, but she was cut in the same layoff, and started at my current employer the same time I did), but I didn't notice her.
Anyway, the end result is that I probably ended up using more gas than I would have if I'd just gone home instead of stopping to eat at IHOP. Then again, if I'd gone home, then gone to the wrong theater, then went to the right theater, I would have used even more, so I guess that it worked out as well as could be expected.
At least in this Universe.

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