Wednesday, May 21, 2008

That Explains That Part Anyway

Normally when I fly home the route is Dulles to Minneapolis to Hancock, though sometimes Detroit figures into the route as well.
This time, however, it’s Dulles to Indianapolis to Minneapolis to Hancock.
I’ve been kind of baffled by that, but when I went online to check in, I found the reason.
In the standard scenario, I fly out on Northwest. This time, for some reason, I’m flying out on United, then getting on Northwest for the remaining leg of my journey.
So that explains the unusual route, though that still leaves me wondering why I’m flying out on United in the first place.
Oh well.
The trip is pretty much guaranteed to suck, as it’s going to take over 11 hours, with 5 of those hours stuck in the Indianapolis airport.
Again, oh well.
When I worked at AOL, with my 3 day work week, taking a “week” off meant having 11 days off total.
With the 5 day work week, not so much.
In any case, having that much time off meant that it was always easy to plan a trip home and back and leave myself a buffer of at least a day between getting home and having to go back to work.
This meant that I wasn’t accustomed to having to actually think that much about scheduling, which is why I ended up scheduling myself to get home Tuesday evening and then go to work Wednesday morning.
Fortunately, I talked to my boss who was nice enough to allow me to add Wednesday onto my time off.
So that’s cool.
And that’s pretty much all that’s going on. I may or may not post some entries while I’m away.

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So is it sucking yet?