Tuesday, April 29, 2008

There Must Be 50 Ways To Cook Your Bacon

Today I found this site, which has links to fifty ways to use bacon, many of them – like Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots and Bacon Popcorn – brilliant, while others are a bit iffy and still others seem downright gross.
I love bacon as much as the next guy who doesn’t suffer under any religious objections to pork products – okay, I love bacon at least ten times as much as the next guy – but despite what many people seem to think, not all great tastes taste great together, so Bacon Ice Cream? Not so much.
One of the uses for bacon I found was Egg Salad with Bacon, which sounded like a great idea and something easy enough that I could make some for dinner tonight.
Apparently “easy enough” just wasn’t easy enough for me, though, and I ultimately decided against it.
My mom called earlier tonight to tell me about something that happened at the post office today. She went in to buy some stamps and noticed that there was a bank shaped like an old-fashioned mail truck on display. My dad had actually made some banks like that – using old post office box doors – so my mom asked who had made it. Turns out it actually was one of my dad’s.
So that was cool.
And that’s pretty much all that happened today.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

Thanks for the illustration, Sir Puff-a-Lot!