Saturday, April 26, 2008

Phone Phollies

Somewhere along the line on Thursday I lost the stylus for my smartphone.
This was irritating, as it was my replacement stylus; I’d lost the original a couple of months ago at work.
While it’s not impossible to navigate the phone’s touch-screen interface without a stylus, it is kind of a hassle, so on Friday morning at work I went online and found a place that sells replacements in three-packs.
Though I’d ordered replacements, I decided that I didn’t want to have to wait for them to arrive, so when I got home from work, after sitting around for a bit, I decided to head to Best Buy to see if they sold any. They did, so I bought a three-pack from there.
This means, of course, that after the three-pack I ordered arrives, I’ll have six.
But given that I lost two in rapid succession, it seems like having a few extras is a good idea.
Plus Scott is in the same stylus-less boat that I was, and the ones I bought should fit in his phone’s stylus holder, so I’ll probably give him a couple.
After I got home from Best Buy, I got a call from an area code that I didn’t recognize.
When I answered, the woman on the other end said, “Is this Jon?”
I said that it was, and then she said that she was [whatever she said her name was] and that she was calling from Bank of America.
One of my credit cards is from Bank of America, so I said, “Okay…”
She then went on to say that she was calling to follow-up on the e-mail I’d sent to [whatever name she said] about [whatever the e-mail was about].
Confused, I asked her to repeat herself. When she did, I said, “Uhh..nope.”
She responded, “Yesssss,” and then proceeded to talk about the e-mail.
“I didn’t send any e-mail.”
“Yes, you did.”
(She kept stretching out the “Yes” every time.)
Finally, after she talked about how she’d left me a voicemail (“Nope.” “Yesss.”), and how we’d evidently been playing phone tag (“Nope.” “Yesss.”), I interrupted her and said, “Who are you calling for?”
She said, “Jon (or probably “John”) [some last name that started with a G].”
“Well, you haven’t reached him.”
She then stated that she had called [a phone number that’s one number off from mine], and I told her what number she had actually reached.
“Oh, I got the wrong number then.”
(I couldn’t resist.)
Last week when I was buying lawn equipment, I later decided, I should have picked up a leaf blower, as Scott had suggested.
So today I went to Home Depot to remedy that mistake. Because I’d bought all Black & Decker equipment, which has interchangeable batteries, I decided that I should pick up the Black & Decker leaf blower that uses the same battery system.
(I also decided that I did need to get a cover for my grill. I had decided not to buy one when Scott suggested it, as I was planning to keep the grill under the roof on my patio, thus keeping it safe from the elements, but I had only been considering rain, not dust. So I ended up buying one today.)
They didn’t have it, so I checked at Target, which, from what I could tell, didn’t sell any sort of lawn equipment beyond the manual type.
So, later, after grilling up some hamburgers, I decided that I needed to go to Wal-Mart, and that while I was at it I might as well stop at Lowe’s. They did sell the leaf blower that I was looking for, but were, of course, sold out.
So I returned home leaf blower-less.
We didn’t get hit with the predicted rain until fairly late in the day, but I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to get in any more hedge trimming. Just didn’t feel up to it.
I did give the house a pretty thorough cleaning, though, so I wasn’t totally lazy and non-productive.

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