Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Recruit This, Putz!

So a bit ago my left hip started vibrating and I realized that someone was calling me on my cell phone.
I answer, and have the following conversation:

"Hi, is this Jon?"
"Hi Jon, my name is Rajit. I'm calling because your contact information was passed along to me as someone who might be seeking out employment opportunities. Is this a good time to talk?"
"No. I'm not seeking out employment opportunities."
"You don't even want to keep your options open?"
"I'm happy where I am and have no interest in seeking out any other opportunities at this time."
"Oh, well most people like to keep their options open...but I guess they're not as lucky as you."
"I guess not."

He then went on to ask if I knew anyone who would be "interested in a six-figure management position," or was looking for part-time work.

"No? You don't know anyone?"
"Okay, thanks for your - "

Yes, because I want to refer my friends to some passive-aggressive jackass who uses lame attempts at reverse psychology to cajole people into seeking out his services.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

No you don't.