Wednesday, February 06, 2008

You Know You're Not Posting Often Enough When...

1. Even Dave Campbell himself is posting with greater frequency than you.
2. Your mom calls you and complains about your lack of posts.
(Actually, my mom was wondering if my eyes were giving me more trouble, leading me to not post. Nope; my laziness is giving me trouble.)

Not much of note has actually been happening anyway, but I do feel guilty about the irregularity of my posts (it's just so hard to get off the couch once I've settled in).
The most notable thing today was that it was a good week for comics, as my stack had both Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight and Fables in it (I was also pleased to see Justice Society of America, which has a been a consistently good series so far, though not at Buffy or Fables levels).
As I sifted through the stack I said, "It's a good week."
When I got my total, I said to the guy at the register, "Huh. A good week and a cheap week."
In response, he said, "Yeah, it's not a really big week, but there's a lot of good stuff out."
I said, "It's always a good week when you get Fables."
Work has been work, and I've been getting steadily busier, though today was thankfully light on conference calls (only one). I thought that I had another conference call, and was putting on my headset and pulling up the meeting information from my calendar to get the dial-in info when I noticed that it was an actual face-to-face meeting. I don't really have too many of those.
In any case, tomorrow night I should probably start work on that Heroic Portrait request, so I may not get a post in before the weekend, and I can't promise that I'll try to post, but I will promise that I'll try to try.

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I truly miss Fables. Maybe I can swing the comics habit if I pare down to one or two titles a month. I'm still crossing my fingers for a tax/bonus windfall but every day that gets closer another bill crops up that eats away at the possibility.