Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Have Faith

On my way home today I was listening to American Made Music To Strip By - a collection of remixes of songs from Rob Zombie's album Hellbilly Deluxe - and Living Dead Girl came on.
That particular remix always brings to mind an episode of Angel in which it appears, in a scene in which Faith (Eliza Dushku), while dancing, starts a huge barroom brawl and then proceeds to dance in the midst of all the chaos she set in motion.
It's a great scene, which can be viewed here (embedding wasn't an available option).
That an album of remixed Zombie songs has "Strip" in the title is pretty much a perfect fit. Zombie's music and strippers are a perfect match, like peanut butter and chocolate.
In fact, I never much cared for Zombie's music until the night I walked into a strip club and saw a girl dancing to Thunderkiss '65, which, for me, was that "two great tastes" moment of "You got strippers in my Zombie music!" "You got Zombie music in my strippers!"
As an aside, one of the things I found disappointing about going to strip clubs in Tucson versus going to strip clubs in Minnesota and Wisconsin - apart from the fact I was sober in Tucson (and that the Minnesota and Wisconsin strip clubs I went to were fully nude) - was the difference in the music. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, most of the girls danced almost exclusively to Metal and Industrial, while in Tucson they mostly danced to Hip Hop.
Being a metalhead, the former obviously had a much greater appeal to me.
In fact, I remember (hazily) one night in which my roommate and I tipped one girl rather heavily, even though she wasn't especially attractive and was a terrible dancer, simply because she was dancing to Black Sabbath songs.
How could we not tip her? She was dancing to freakin' Sabbath!

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