Monday, November 13, 2006

Holy Crap

So Brian and I went to see Borat.
Holy crap.
For the most part it keeps you steadily chucking, with the occasional laugh really hard moments and a lot of “Oh my God, I can’t believe he just did that/got someone to say something like that” moments (such as getting the crowd to cheer – loudly and enthusiastically – at a rodeo when he says, in support of the war in Iraq, that he hopes that George W. Bush will drink the blood of every man, woman, and child in Iraq), and then in the middle there is a scene that very nearly makes you lose control of your bodily functions because you’re laughing so hard, and you’re laughing that hard not just because it’s funny (and it is funny) but also because laughter is the only defense you have against the sheer horrific nature of the scene and because there is no other way for your inability to believe that such a moment has been captured on film to manifest itself.
So like I said, holy crap.
I also have to say that it’s amazing that he doesn’t get his ass kicked more often than he does.
Some frat boys, who, among other things, stated that they believe that there should be slavery in the US, are suing Cohen (Borat) for making them look foolish in the film, but no one in the movie has any business (except maybe the owner of that antique store, though I’d guess that he’s been compensated) claiming to a be a victim. He didn’t make the people say the things they said, he just provided them the opportunity to say them.
After all, if you’re too stupid or blinded by some twisted notion of patriotism to realize that the foreign guy wearing an American flag shirt is getting you to cheer for genocide, or your too drunk to notice that you’re a privileged rich white kid complaining about how minorities have it better than you do as you and your friends idly cruise across the country in an expensive RV drinking yourself retarded, that’s your own damn fault.
So far it doesn’t look as though making the changes on my end had affected things on your end here, so that’s good, I guess.
The one problem I’ve had is that so far I’ve received the same e-mail from Blogger welcoming me to the new service 16 times.
Also, the plug-in for publishing directly from Word doesn’t seem to work anymore.
Oh well.

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