Monday, November 13, 2006

For Make Benefit Sense Of Humor

This morning shortly after I got out of the shower I heard my cell phone beep really loud like five times.
I picked it up to see what the deal was and noted that it said something about "call queued" and "Duddy," but couldn't figure out what it was trying to tell me.
It seemed as though Brian had tried to initiate a Direct Connect, but I wasn't sure what the deal was, so I ignored it, figuring that if it were important he'd get back to me.
I'd headed out to Super Target to pick up a few things and while I was there Brian called me to ask if I wanted to go see Borat today.
So that's where we'll be headed in a little under an hour.
I forgot to ask him if he'd tried to DC me earlier.
So it'll be off to see the movie film today.
I read online somewhere that Sacha Boren Cohen, the guy who plays Borat, got beaten up in New York while in character after trying to mess with the only person on the planet who hasn't seen the Borat movie media blitz.
Then again, maybe he got beaten up because the guy did recognize him. Hard to say.
I spent most of the day yesterday jumping between a marathon of Flip That House on TLC and various episodes of Sell This House/Move This House on A&E.
I was leaning more towards the A&E show, as it's hosted by this extremely hot and voluptuous woman named Tanya Memme.
All I can say is this: damn.
She even made the whole track suit thing look sexy.
(As an aside, as Scott has asked, what is with the whole track suit thing these days anyway? Especially the velour track suits. Suddenly people everywhere are dressing like the Six Million Dollar Man. You kind of expect to see them moving in slow motion with the sound effect thing.)
Watching the show kind of made me want to put my condo on the market just on the 0ff-chance that I might be able to call her in to come help me get it staged for sale.

Not Sure If You'll Notice Department:
After being pestered to do so pretty much every time I logged in to post an entry, I've moved Threshold over to Blogger's new beta version.
I don't know that it will make a difference to how things work for you, but I thought I should mention it just in case.

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