Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wonder Woman?

What Would Tyler Durden Do? is reporting that Rachel Bilson has been cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Joss Whedon-helmed movie.
Just a bit ago I posted a picture I had done of her as Wonder Girl, and mentioned that I was inspired to do this by the fact she had appeared in a WW costume on The OC and that while she looked good, she didn't quite have the look for WW, but would make a good WG.
I guess Joss disagreed.
I'm not going to argue, though I do wonder how he's going to deal with the height thing, as Rachel is very tiny and Wonder Woman is, well, amazonian.
In any case WWTDD? also managed to track down some video footage of the OC scene in question, which is more than Scott or I could manage.
Check it out here.

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