Monday, September 04, 2006


Though I didn’t want to, I went out into the world briefly this morning only to find that it was filled even closer to overflowing with people than I had expected it to be.
It had been my intention to hold off until Tuesday to go out and do my shopping, and that’s pretty much still my intention, but while I’d had enough eggs left to make myself breakfast and enough ingredients to cobble together some sort of dinner, I didn’t have anything in the way of basic ingredients for lunch, nor did I have anything left in the way of snacks, so I decided that I would do exactly that much shopping in a quick get in, get out fashion, or, perhaps more accurately in my case, get out, get back in.
After getting home and having lunch I opted to take a two hour nap, which I awoke from feeling considerably more tired than I had when I’d climbed into bed.
While asleep I dreamed that I was back in Michigan, and though I was an adult I was preparing for a little league game that I was going to be playing in late at night.
For the record, yes, I did actually play on a little league team when I was a kid, but only for one season.
When I got up the battle that had been going on between the sun and the clouds all day had been decided in favor of the clouds and it was raining lightly.
I decided that I wanted to watch a movie, but failing to find anything that I felt like watching I opted to watch the pilot episode of Superman:  The Animated Series, which roughly movie-length.
After that I read until dinner time.  While I was shopping I decided that I didn’t really want to cobble anything together, so I bought chicken breasts and gravy that were already cooked and simply needed to be heated, and a tub of ready-made garlic mashed potatoes.  I did steam my own broccoli and carrots to go with the chicken and potatoes, though.
With dinner out of the way I did some more reading until the season finale of The Closer, which I was pleased to learn is coming back in December, so I don’t have to wait until next summer.
It occurred to me today that I started high school 20 years ago, which made me feel old.
Hell, even college was 16 years ago.
I shudder to think just how long it’s been since little league.
Anyway, as is apparent from this entry, it’s been a “blah” sort of day, so there’s really not much point in going any further right now.

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