Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New Cavegirl Picture

They don't generate the kind of traffic that they used to, but Web searches on Bikini Cavegirl still manage to lead some people here.
The majority of said people are most likely looking for hardcore porn pics of Jezebelle Bond, to which all I can say is get a clue: learn how to make use of Usenet. The place is full of pictures of her spreading this, sucking that, and inserting whatnot into her whosit. This blog will not provide you with any of those pictures, so don't bother coming here if that's what you're after.
Hell, just do a Google image search; you're bound to find more of what you're looking for that way then you will by coming here.
There are also people looking for some particular information about the movie, to which I say, I don't know if they were really having sex in the movie. Even though three out of the four women appearing in the movie, and one of the men, are adult film stars, it seems unlikely just based on how much it looks like they're faking it.
However, I do not claim to be an authority on the subject, so if that's what you want to know, this site is of no use to you.
Anyway, to get to the point, as most of you know, in response to those searches, I drew a picture of a bikini cavegirl (though not necessarily the one from the movie).
I did that picture in a different style, making it sort of comic.
The other day I found a picture that would be perfect for a sequel (There was a girl, in a bikini, standing at the mouth of a cave; kind of a no-brainer) to that picture, but done in my more traditional style.
And here is the result:

And yes, I do know that mentioning Biki - that movie so often is bound to generate even more traffic from frustrated weirdoes with questionable taste in entertainment, but I just can't help but be fascinated by how many people out there are seeking out information on that shitty, shitty stupid-ass movie.
I mean, sure, I watched it, just like I've watched most of the "Bikini" movies because I'm kind of a masochist when it comes to cheesy soft-core porn, but I didn't go out and do Web searches on it afterwards. All I did was just mention, in passing, that I'd watched it, doing so in my typical self-deprecating style, in a Threshold entry. That's it.
Anyway, enjoy the picture, or don't, and best of luck to those of you who are still out there searching. I hope that, someday, you find whatever the hell it is you're looking for.

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