Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Vacation Epilogue...Sort Of

The Vacation:  The Trip Home
As I write this I’m sitting, once again, in the Minneapolis airport, though this time I’m on my way back to VA.
I’ve found myself an outlet to plug my Tablet PC into and am writing this solely for the purpose of passing the time, as I still have more than an hour before my flight leaves.
I watched an episode of Superman:  The Animated Series on DVD, but don’t feel up to watching anything else as I’ll be watching a movie (Batman Begins) on the flight.
In any case, this particular post will serve as a sort of epilogue to my vacation, even though it will appear before most of the rest of the story of my vacation.
To summarize, my vacation was about what I expected:  long hours of sitting around not doing much of anything.
That’s not much different from being at home, with the exception that at home I have high-speed Internet access and porn.
I also have a little more privacy (which is a necessity for the porn).
While I was in the UP I got together once with my friend Gretchen (as well as her husband and their daughter), and I made attempts at getting together with Kevin that did not result in us actually getting together, but I did at least make the effort.
I didn’t bother trying to get together with any other friends there, though honestly there aren’t that many others anyway.
I suppose I should make my way to my actual gate.  I’ll post this first thing upon arriving home and will eventually get to work on the more detailed account (complete with pictures) of my trip to the UP.
(Update:  Posting this wasn’t really “first thing.”  It was more like twelfth.)

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