Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Two More Days? Are You Kidding?

I'm more firmly convinced than ever that I could never go back to a full five day work week.
(Honestly, after that abbreviated two day work week I had right before the shift change I had a hard time adjusting to a three day work week again. I get spoiled pretty easily.)
I woke up this morning thinking, "Last day," but then I realized that this isn't my job and that there were two more days to go. Ugh.
To make matters worse, I still have a day of my actual job after this class is over.

Inapproriate Laughter Department:
I have no idea what inspired it, but or some reason this morning a particular scene from the movie Mallrats popped into my head, though in the version playing out in my head I was filling the role played by Ben Afleck in the movie.
I won't go into details about the scene, but if you know the movie you'll understand why the thought of me saying, "Who's your favorite New Kid on the Block? Call me Donny! Call me Donny!" to someone I was...umm...coupling with almost had me in hysterics, barely able to contain a fit of inappropriate and not easily explained laughter while the instructor went on about file permissions or whatever she was talking about.
I decided that, should the opportunity ever present itself, I'm actually going to act out that scene at some point in my life just to see if the other person finds it as hilarious as I do...

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