Sunday, July 16, 2006

If That Doesn't Herald The End Of The World, I Don't Know What Would

Years ago Saturday Night Live did a sketch featuring Tobey Maguire as Dustin Diamond ("Sceech" of Saved By The Bell) appearing on the show Inside the Actor's Studio.
For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it appears on Bravo (Home of Queer Eye), and features a guy named James Lipton interviewing actors.
And when I say actors, I mean "A List" actors. People like Tom Hanks, or Charlize Theron, or Denzel Washington, or even Toby Maguire himself.
The point is that the idea of the show is to focus on people who manage to stand out as shining examples of their craft, which is why the notion of having Screech on the show, and having Lipton, played by Will Ferrell, fawn all over him, was so hilariously absurd.
I mean, it would have to be absurd to have someone of that caliber on a show that's featured some of the finest actors of our time.
That's what I thought, anyway, until tonight when I was flipping through the channels and saw that the guest was Martin Lawrence.
Take a moment to let that sink in.
Martin. Fucking. Lawrence.
The show is famous for its "10 Questions." In Lipton's place, I would have only one question for Lawrence: What exactly is your talent?
Of course, I'm sure he found all sorts of questons to ask him about his "craft," and what method he uses to get into character. You know, apart from putting on the wig and the fat suit. I mean, there's so much more that he does besides preteding to be a morbidly obese old woman: he mumbles incoherently, makes stupid faces, and swears. I mean, this is a true thespian who deserves recognition.
Martin Lawrence on Inside the Actor's Studio.
They might as well get it over with and have Screech on. God knows he's got nothing better to do his time (other than selling T-shirts).
All of this reminds me of something: once again, America, you let me down.
Little Man. Number Two movie in the country.
Shame on you.

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