Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Going Out On A So-So Nagelesque Picture

Usually when I’m working on the Nagelesque pictures I tend to err on the side of detail, failing to strip the image down to its essential lines by adding additional shading or color.
In this case, I think I may have gone more the other way.
Still, I’m not totally disappointed in it, so I’ve posted it here.

Just to be sure you know, it was RLC who got the Nagelesque touch this time around.

I’d hoped to finish the picture yesterday afternoon, leaving my evening free to start on another (non-Nagelesque) picture last night which I would have been able to finish today, but things seldom go the way I would like them to, so this is this is the picture on which I’ll be leaving you for a bit.
While I’m home I will have only occasional access to anything other than a dil-up Internet connection (and a really crappy dial-up connection at that), so I doubt that I’ll be doing much in the way of blogging.
However, I will have my Tablet PC with me and a lot of spare time, so I’ll probably keep a journal of the non-stop (it’s non-stop because it’s non-start) excitement which can be posted as an entry in the future.
So until I return to make regular Threshold entries you’ll have to find some other way to bore yourselves silly.
And on that note, I’ll most likely see you all in about a week, and will leave you with the note I left for myself:

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Merlin T Wizard said...

I got that it was RLC and I wasn't disappointed with the additional detail. I think it lends your Nagel-esque art its own particular quality that sets it apart.

Oh, and I remembered my teeth this morning. Thanks for the reminder!