Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And Let's Not Forget...

Along with the other specific irritations associated with driving in this morning that I mentioned earlier (which are on top of the fact that A. there are too goddamn many people on the road and B. most of them are fucking idiots), there were a couple more, most of which showcased the fact that I am, or at least often appear to be, a fucking retard.
After getting to Tyson's following the abortive attempt at getting gas, I'd decided to just try to find a gas station along the way after class.
However, as I got into the left lane to turn towards my final destination I noticed a gas station.
On the right.
It was still relatively early, so I decided to make my turn, then make a U-Turn and head over to the gas station so that I could make a straight shot home after class. Besides that, I figured I'd pick up a SoBe and a protein bar from the "Food Mart" at the gas station.
So I gassed up, then walked over to the Food Mart, opened the door, and walked in to discover that I was behind the counter.
This wasn't the sort of place you actually went into, it was just a concession stand sort of place (which the clerk had stepped out of and left unlocked). The selection inside did not include SoBe or protein bars, so I said the hell with it and headed to class.
On the last little leg I was prevented from getting over to the right lane by the Northern VA "I'm not letting you get into my lane even if you're trying to get in behind me" driving ethic, so I ended up being the jackass who's in the wrong lane signaling that he needs to get over and having to ultimately cut someone off to do so.
Once I got to the parking lot I drove up to the gate behind another car. You have to push a button and get a ticket before the gate will lift and let you into the lot (you can then get the ticket validated by the instructor so that you don't have to pay for parking when you leave).
However, the car ahead of me had some sort of badge which allowed him access. This shouldn't have been a problem, except that when the guy ahead of me drove in the gate stayed up, and when I pushed the button it wouldn't give me a ticket because, as the LCD above the button said, "The Gate is Up."
The gate wouldn't go down until I drove past it, which meant that I went in without a ticket, which meant hat I had to look like a fucking idiot as I walked back over to the gate to push the button so that I could get a ticket so that I could have something to get validated so that I wouldn't have to pay for parking when I left.
The best part? My pushing the button and getting a ticket prevented the guy who'd pulled up at that moment from being able to get a ticket, so he had to drive in to park in order to make the gate go down, so if he needs a ticket to get validated, he'll have to do the same thing I did.
So even though it's not my fault that things got jacked up, I appear to be the cause of them being jacked up, since nobody who came in after me saw Badgey McBadgerson go in ahead of me and somehow throw a monkey wrench into the works just in time to make me look (and feel) like an ass.
Anyway, we're almost on to the final less of the day, so I suppose I should get back to it.

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