Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Red Sonja Picture

A while back Wendy asked me to design a T-shirt for her troupe of performers using a picture of her as Red Sonja as the basis.
This was the result of my efforts:

I hadn't posted it previously, as I hadn't gotten the word from Wendy as to whether or not she liked it.
Given that she sent the picture out in a mass-mailing to interested parties, I'd guess that it's a safe bet that she did.
I did add my own touches to the image, modifying the outfit (mostly because drawing hundreds of little linked rings would have been a pain in the ass) and the sword.
She's put up a new Sonja-related site (if you look for it, you can find another picture I did of Wendy as Red Sonja), which can be visited here.

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